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Digital Art Project to change my dress in the IRL MetaVerse (white paper soon...)

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The Roadmap


Launch Roadmap

Be able to change my dress in the IRL MetaVerse "instant2gether" (pre-launch available soon, stay tuned).


Launch Presale

Buy my art fashion NFTs to help me to develop the IRL MetaVerse Project. Please keep them preciously as they will get value when the MetaVerse will be launched in 2023.


Mint the remaining NFTs on my website

You will get advantages in the IRL MetaVerse with my NFTs (superpower).
First utility at this moment is to be whitelisted on big NFT sales take a look at Caro-Line
Take a piece of this adventure! I defend #planet #education #local #culture #artists

The Author

Caro-Line / Blockchain Developper


Caro-Line / Model


Caro-Line / CEO